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Installing in-lite in 5 steps

Step 2: Cable

Step 2: Cable

In-lite outdoor lighting is based on low voltage (12 volts), making it safe and easy to connect. It takes only five steps to professionally install an in-lite system. This video shows you how to connect the cable and install it linearly.

Linear installation of the cable and maximum cable lengths

When installing the cable linearly, the main cable originates from the transformer and branches can be created on this cable if desired. In other words, the end of the main cable is installed separately in the yard and is not reconnected with a loop to itself or the transformer. To determine whether you have exceeded the maximum cable length, calculate the length from the transformer to the end of the cable. The same applies to any branches.

We have two types of cables in our product range, the 14/2 and the 10/2. The 14/2 cable can be used for linear installation with a maximum cable length of 40 meters, while the 10/2 cable can be used for linear installation with a maximum cable length of 80 meters.

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Creating branches (split cable plan)

To guide the cable along the fixtures more easily, you can split it using cable connectors (CC-2). The same maximum cable distances (calculated from the transformer to the end of the cable) apply here. Watch the video to find out more.



Finishing the cable installation

Have you laid the cable? Make sure to finish off the installation process with cable cover caps. These are provided together with the transformer. Watch the video for all information.




Fixture cable length

Our fixtures have a standard cable length of around 60 cm (different cable lengths are stated in the product description on the website). An extension cord can be used to install the fixture further away from the main cable. This is handy when installing fixtures at a height or when integrating Ø22 mm ground lights into a deck (the Easy-Lock is not accessible otherwise).


In-lite uses high-quality cables for its 12-volt system. This is essential for preventing a voltage drop over long distances and ensuring that the cable can withstand external influences. If you connect in-lite fixtures to a cable from a different manufacturer, the warranty will no longer apply.

Step 1: Transformer

Step 1 is to connect the transformer. The transformer controls the lighting and powers the system. Go back to step 1 to see how to install the transformer.

Step 1

Step 3: Easy-Lock

The Easy-Lock lets you easily connect a fixture to the 12-volt cable. Curious about the process? Go back to step 3 to see how to connect the Easy-Lock.

Step 3